Cooking Alternatives:


Mix It Up!

Homemade Seasoning Mixes are mixes that are made by throwing your favorite seasonings from the cupboard, together into a bowl.  This is a perfect way to meld certain flavors.  I do this so that when I make meats on the grill or any dish for that matter, I have my own rub or sprinkle seasoning to work with.  You can store them in sealed containers to ensure you always have spices when you need them.

Sautéing is a way to add tons of flavor, by putting your ingredients together into a pan, adding spices (to taste) and using mediums, such as; chicken broth, butter, wine and other ingredients to sauté and simmer, causes these ingredients to reduce into a sauce surrounding the food. It tastes like you have been cooking it over a hot stove all day long.

        Creating New Recipes is a great way to be innovative and meld old flavors in a new way.  Freedom with cooking is a perfect touch.  Using your senses to know when something is just right is a great way to spice things up and your taste buds will enjoy it! 

        Kitchen Scissors are a must for anybody who loves to cook!  It cuts a lot of time off of food preparation, especially when you are working with meats.  Just remember, sanitize in-between each use in order to prevent the transfer of bacteria.

by Natalie J. Moore

November 13, 2012