Cooking Alternatives:


Less Fat, More Flavor!


Chicken broth is a great way to add flavor to cooking, without all of the fat!  You can use just chicken broth or you can use more chicken broth with considerably less butter and oils to make a dish with robust flavor and a heart healthy amount of fat. 

If you must have the fat, that is perfectly ok!  Just remember, butter is better.  Yes, butter is fat, too!  Although, unlike many oils, butter is a healthier fat in moderation, than some oils that change their chemical make-up when heated, which are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.  These oils have a longer shelf life and will not go bad quickly, however, they can result in negative health effects. Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil are alternatives that are considerably healthier.

Spices are your friend, let them guide you.  Use your senses, play with them.  Experiment with different dishes.  Recipes are guide lines; make your own sense of them.  Many spices work well together and each person is different.  I love old recipes.  I also love taking old recipes and making them my own. There is no wrong or right, just flavor!


by Natalie J. Moore

October 9, 2012