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My name is Natalie Moore, and my home is in gorgeous Sonoma County, California! Saying this place is amazing is an understatement! Beaches, wineries, San Francisco, lush landscape, beautiful hills, eye level rainbow sunsets, and the perfect four seasons are a trademark of my home, here in Northern California. Wine tasting, BBQ’s, Wednesday Night Market, concerts, walking up and down Fourth Street, window shopping, checking out local restaurants and pubs, and some of the best walking and biking trails you’ll find, are just a few of the countless activities of Santa Rosa.

For many of us, writing is like breathing! I write every day, with passion and fervor! That is how I know it was meant for me. Many things may put me in a writing mode. It could be an emotion that strikes me to journal, a fun activity, an opinion, a vacation spot, it could be anything! I very rarely have little to write about.

Photography, just as writing, is among my favorite activities!  On vacation, or even just sitting in the back yard, I have always taken endless photos. Family, friends, sunsets, the beach…just bliss!  Photography is one of my ultimate passions, therefore, I must make it one of my ultimate priorities!


I have taken courses for Travel Writing and Photography, as well as Copywriting from American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI).  I highly recommend their programs, as they  prepare you for your desired career with extensive expertise, educating their students on what editors really look for in writing and photography.  I attended the SRJC for Associate of Arts Degrees in Art History, Art Studio and Humanities.  I am currently working on my BA degree in Photography.  I decided to make Photography my major because it has been a form of serenity and solace for me, all of my life!


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