The Spinster Sisters

Natalie J. Moore | February 22nd, 2013

The Spinster Sisters

There once was a Spinster’s eatery, I decided to take in the scenery, I drank some wine and felt so fine… in a place so divine, on Valentine’s Day with my Sweetie.

Santa Rosa has this remarkable little place, sort of hidden away, called The Spinster Sisters. I was walking into Jeremiah’s Photo Corner one day on Sebastopol Avenue, and across the street I saw this classy little restaurant. I decided to walk over and look at the menu. Even at first glance, I was impressed. They have wine tasting and many of their dishes are unique. “I need to try this place”, I thought. Flash forward to Valentine’s Day! Yes, you guessed it! I must tell you, the food was to live for. They have amazing chefs.

It all started with their Saintsbury, 2010 Carneros Pinot Noir. It was a wonderfully balanced wine, with a sense of vibrant, yet deep flavors of fruit. Overall, this Pinot was delish and went well with all of the dishes. As for the appetizers, there were two. The Brussel Sprout Chips were so flavorful. Not at all over fried, just perfect. The brussel sprout flavor came through so beautifully and the Meyer Lemon Aioli was the perfect touch that just set it off. Amazing is all I can say! The second appetizer was a dish called Smoked Medjool Dates with Hazelnuts and Goat Cheese and was accompanied by a balsamic reduction sauce that just sang. The flavors melded perfectly. I asked about their Coq au Vin and was told it was no longer available; however, they had a delicious Pazole. Going with the flow, it worked. I love a good Pazole, although, usually it is home made. The flavor was powerful, I must say, and the pork was succulent and tender. Just perfect for what my palate was searching for. All the fixings were applied to the side. Such a mix of delights, with a distinct essence. This restaurant definitely has a great thing going.

The prices are reasonable and the flavor is awesome! Menus are subject to change, which keep things interesting, in my opinion.

by Natalie Moore

The Spinster Sisters info: Tuesday-Friday 7AM-10PM & Saturday and Sunday 9AM-10PM

401 South A Street, Santa Rosa, Ca 95401 (707) 528-7100