Who You Are…

Who You Are…

Who you are,
just as you are is amazing! There is something so beautiful in just being genuinely, authentically you. We are all unique individuals. Tall, short, thick, thin, introverted, extroverted, artist, mathematician…we all have our place in this world, our own purpose, our own journey to work through in this life. We all have a path to walk, and even though many or most of us have very special people in our lives to walk with, it is ultimately, an individual passage for all of us. The most profound relationship you will have in your lifetime, is with yourself. No matter who you come into contact with, who you marry, who your parents are, or how close you are to your friends…matters will always come down to, how you deal, what you feel, your learning and growth, as an individual. To learn respectful communication, empathy, compassion, self discipline, kindness, giving, receiving, unconditional love for others, is all essential, and it creates an evolution inside of us. Therefore, all of this is necessary, yet, ultimately, it comes down to personal growth and purpose, which is about your individual soul’s development. This is not to be confused with selfishness, or self growth would not be necessary. To be selfish or to only think of one’s self, is not an act of growth and development. To think of, encourage, see the best in and believe in others, is what grows us as souls, as well as human beings.

by Natalie J. Moore

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